Our Mission

The mission of the Metcalf Chiropractic Health Center is to create a healthier community and a healthier world.  As a family chiropractic office, we want to reach out to as many people as we possibly can and educate those around us on the principles of true health and chiropractic. Our mission is to provide families with vitalistic and visionary subluxation-based care for a lifetime of optimal health and wellness.

Ensuring that the mind and body systems are functioning at their fullest potential is essential to optimal health and to the prevention of disease.   As a family chiropractic office, it is our responsibility, both scientifically and philosophically, to lead our community in the pursuit of wellness.  This pursuit of wellness is just as the founders of chiropractic practiced over a hundred years ago.

Our vision is to create a healthy, positive, inspirational, and fun environment in our office and community by exponentially increasing the power of those around us.  This can be accomplished by increasing our life energy or innate expression and by continually removing the most significant interferences to our nervous system. Chiropractors call these interferences the Vertebral Subluxation Complex. The removal of these interferences, or Vertebral Subluxation Complex, allows for the limitless expression of life and health on every level.

Our mission is to work as humanitarians using chiropractic as the vehicle to re-establish health and to abolish sickness.  We must work together to consistently put the pursuit of our true health potential at the forefront of the minds of those around us in order to change the world now and for future generations.      

It is our responsibility, as a family chiropractic office, to communicate this vital information to others so that we can give more to you, your family, and to all those around us. 

Healthier People = Healthier Planet

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