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Josh, age 33, battled with his weight for many years but last year he decided to get very serious about weight loss after his cholesterol levels reached record numbers and his deteriorating health became life-threatening.

In just over ten months he has succeeded in losing 80 pounds. This is Josh, after just ten months.



I’ve always had troubled losing weight, especially after I turned 35,  but I never really worried much, until I had my kids  and after my daughter Elisha I never really got back my girlish figure, which really upset me.

I tried all the latest diets. I spent a lot of money on foolish things, including memberships to gyms that I never used. It was a real fiasco. And very costly too.

About a year ago, I was over at my son-in-laws and he introduced me to a new program. Now of course I was skeptical. I mean I’ve never been able to lose weight, at least not since my pregnancies and how could this program be any different?

 I mean, nothing had worked in the past, so why would this stuff work.

Well the program wasn’t hard to follow and it was very, very easy to implement. I mean all you have to do is drink a shake and a special cleansing drink and the neat part about all of this. “It worked.” And you know what? It worked FAST. Yes, very, very fast. I mean I lost 20 pounds, in just 2 weeks. No diet, no exercising and no medications.

It was great. I could hardly believe it myself, but when I got on the scales, I was flabbergasted. I’d lost 20 pounds in just two short weeks, and I was very, very happy, once I saw those numbers.

I am feeling great, the pains in my joints, especially my hands has subsided as well, and I have energy like I have never had before. I feel so good, I can’t hardly stay in bed on Saturday mornings.

Anyone can feel this way. All they have to do is get on the program, and you’re basically guaranteed the results you want.



Seventy-two-year-old George strongly believes in rejuvenation—especially after his local medical doctor called to tell him his body was actually growing younger. The competitive cyclist and 2005 Arizona Senior Olympics Gold Medalist said the reason he's becoming healthier is because of regular exercise and Isagenix programs.



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