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We value our patients' experience at Metcalf Chiropractic Health Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Jeffrey Metcalf
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Health stories from our practice members inspire us and motivate us to provide the best care we possibly can to those we serve.

Many of these stories started with people wanting to be well, yet most had no idea how Chiropractic could help them reach their health goals and potential. The miracles we see on our office everyday of people living better physically, mentally and socially with Chiropractic. The stories of people becoming empowered to take control of their health and spread the word to change our community.

Practice members who showed us they were definitely looking for another option to keep your families healthy. They did not want more drugs and surgery, but an approach focused on creating more health and wellness. The more they learned the more we are amazed at how many people have made a decision with their families to use Chiropractic to live better lives.

When you sit in our office you will hear many amazing stories of how lives have been improved through Chiropractic. If you and your family have not started this journey toward health and a greater expression of life we invite you to start today. Whether you are in good health or trying to scrap your way back, we will do our very best to help you with this journey.

Read these stories of the miracles we are fortunate to see every day with Chiropractic.

Patient Testimonials

I would like to share my experience while I’ve been receiving treatment at your office for the last 4 weeks.  In short, it has been more than miraculous!

As a young boy I played contact little league football. I took many hard body hits over the years, then participated in gymnastics in high school and college.  These activities, combined with a bad car accident, just added to the damage to my body.  I didn’t really do anything to correct things along the way.

Now, at 60 years of age, just four weeks ago I found I let myself get to the point where I could not get out of bed. For two days my wife brought me food.  I was there for two days straight. I had lost my job because I was calling in sick - not from a cold or flu, I just couldn’t move.  My knees were the size of softballs. I came into your office having to use a cane.  I was using a brace on my thumb to restrict movement.  I almost had a bad fall in the shower stall because I could not support myself.  My eyesight was getting weaker - I thought I will need a new eyeglass prescription.  I could not get a full night’s rest. I could no longer work in the garden/yard.  I had to have help getting out of a chair.

I never thought I would feel such a dramatic change in such a short time!  The things I mentioned above have been abated or are on the way to healing.  Who would have thought that I can also see 20/20 again… not wear my brace 100% of the time… not use my cane?

Thank you and thanks to your wonderful staff.

Patient: Doug G.

As a recent arrival in Duvall, I received a promotional mailing from Metcalf Chiropractic Health Center. The thoughts expressed in it were strongly compatible with mine, regarding health and healing. Having had very positive experience with chiropractic care and treatments at my former home, I intended to make a maintenance appointment at Metcalf Chiropractic Health Center. Then I suffered a muscle strain severe enough to require hospitalization after a chore in my garden. I was referred to seek out a physical therapist (by the hospital physician) and chose Metcalf Chiropractic Health Center.

Here, before therapy was begun, the healing task was carefully targeted to areas of damage and areas of subluxation identified at Metcalf Chiropractic Health Center on very large scale total vertebral x-rays – despite the fact that hospital x-ray results had been submitted by me as well. Now, about two months after my injury, I am making a series of twice-a-week visits after an earlier more intensive schedule, and the improvement of flexibility, strength, and well-being has been gradual, steady, and dependable. Payment options were discussed clearly and swiftly up-front, and fees are very reasonable.

It seems to me the reason is that Dr. Metcalf goes about the process in a completely informed, orderly (sequential), gradual, and attentive way that addresses each area shown in the initial problem diagnosis as needing adjustment. I truly welcome having received a copy of the report of findings at the outset  – as well as plenty of other informational material – because a patient should be doing the healing process together with the doctor and I feel much more relaxed when not kept in the dark about what is being done. The holistic policies at this office are being practiced in my case by treating not only the injury site but rather all the areas that have gone gradually awry over the period of my very many years.

Some of the truly unusual positions into which body parts or limbs have been placed during treatments really frightened me at first. I assume they were needed to achieve the leverage needed for certain adjustments. But I have learned to relax my muscles when such adjustments are being made, based on the safe and beneficial results.  All my visits are amazingly brief because each is determined by orderly steps on the patient chart that I believe states the task for that day. There is no uncertainty about what to do, or what to do next. I look forward to all my remaining treatment and visits and future maintenance visits with much trust and appreciation.

Patient: EMR

I spent many years with back pain, neck pain, headaches and menstrual cramps that I assumed were "normal." After having two kids, the pains just got worse. Then one day I came across a pamphlet for Metcalf Chiropractic and made the phone call. I've always been skeptical about Chiropractors and what they do, so I was pretty nervous going in for that first appointment. I've been going to the Chiropractor for a couple of months now and I feel great! I've started working out again and my energy level has dramatically increased. And even better, NO MORE CRAMPS!

Patient: Michele

For the past 10 years I have had extreme back pain. I have not been able to do even simple things like gardening. If I did, I would have to stay in bed for at least two days. I have always been very skeptical about Chiropractors. I had never even considered going to one. But after a visit to one, I was told that at some point, I would not be able to walk. I decided to try it. It is the best decision I have made. I can do the things I want and I am pain free. This is like a miracle. I recommend this to everyone.

Patient: Kathy

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! My granddaughter just had kidney transplant surgery. My energy has gone to managing the pain in my back previously, but with your expertise and care, my energy was available for caring for my granddaughter and helping her and my daughter through a difficult time. Again, thank you so much. I know only Chiropractic and especially Dr. Metcalf will allow me to live the quality of life I want.

Patient: A. Bennett

I have been coming to Metcalf since he came to town. I had been seeing a Chiropractor since I was a little kid and believe Chiropractic has helped my life greatly. When I was a junior in high school, I developed debilitating migraines. I would get my migraines several times a week. My doctor prescribed matrex for my migraines, but that still wasn’t enough. Dr. Metcalf noticed that stress caused my neck to move out of alignment. Over the years my migraines have decreased to one or two every couple of months and I thank Chiropractic as part of my recovery.

Patient: Brandy

When I first came to Dr. Metcalf three years ago, I had difficulty getting in and out of my car, turning my head, doing household and yard chores. Back pain kept me awake at night. Thanks to regular Chiropractic care, I completed my first triathlon on August 21, 2005 (1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run). I’m pain free and have more energy. My body recovered quickly after rigorous training sessions. Thank you, Dr. Metcalf.

Patient: Colleen

I was first introduced to Metcalf Chiropractic Health Center when a close friend told me how great he was feeling since he started getting treatment for back pain. I went right away and sure enough things got better. It has been 2 years now since I had my first treatment and I feel great. I am a very active person and spend most of the daylight hours working in the landscaping business. I bend, stoup, leap and jump every day. These are the four things I could not do without Dr. Jeff Metcalf’s help. I depend and rely on this weekly help. Bless you and your entire staff for being a large impact on my health, not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

Patient: Bob

Dr. Metcalf & staff have meant the world to me. The support I get emotionally and mentally is priceless. I came into Doc’s program physically a mess. Through his knowledge, expertise and nurturing guidance I have been able to find who I really am. Being able to go through a day pain free is an unbelievable experience. If a tweak does pop up you can just walk in without an appointment, knowing your only a few minutes away from getting your “power turned back on” he he !! I owe Metcalf Chiropractic Health Center a gratitude of “thanks” for being there for me when I needed their support, laughter, an open ear to listen to me and make me feel like the person I am today. I love all you guys from the bottom of my heart and I know this world is a better place because Metcalf Chiropractic Health Center is here.

Patient: Don

I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome over a year ago. My medical doctor fitted me for wrist braces to wear at all times except when driving. The braces seemed to reduce the numbness in my fingers but did nothing for my headaches and the pain/soreness in my neck, shoulders and upper back. Also, the muscles in my wrists and hands atrophied from wearing the braces for so long. Before seeking Chiropractic care from Dr. Metcalf my only other option was surgery. I had done research on Carpal Tunnel surgery and discovered that it could have devastating effects. My research also uncovered the benefits of Chiropractic treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I sought Chiropractic care from Dr. Metcalf in August 2002. He was very thorough and took extra time to explain my situation and answered all my questions. He showed me where pressure was being put on my median nerve from vertebral subluxations in my neck causing the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. With treatment and care I received from Dr. Metcalf, I no longer have to wear my wrist braces during the day. I do not have any more numbness in my left hand and very little in my right. I was able to regain the strength back in both of my hands. The pain and soreness in my neck, back and shoulders have also diminished as well as my headaches. Chiropractic is a successful alternative to surgery in my case. I credit my recovery to Dr. Metcalf and his high level of care and treatment. With much thanks.

Patient: Catherine

I am a 47 year old male who has suffered from lower back pain for most of my life. In late November of 2002, I "threw" my back out. I was in extreme pain and found walking very difficult. My wife saw an ad for Dr. Metcalf and made an appointment. I had seen another Chiropractor about 8 years earlier for neck and back pain and was familiar with the theory behind Chiropractic. After seeing me and taking x-rays, Dr. metcalf informed me of three areas of subluxation. One of course was in my lower back, one in my mid-back and a minor one in my neck. Dr. Metcalf told me he could help and put me on a three month plan. One of the things I liked about Dr. Metcalf was the use of just his hands to do adjustments. The last Chiropractor I had, used a hammer like device to move my spine. I prefer Dr. Metcalf's methods. After a week, my lower back was improving and I was able to walk, sit and sleep with a vastly reduced amount of pain. Now, after almost three months, my lower back pain is gone. For someone who had lower back pain of varying degrees every day, this was astounding. An unexpected benefit to my treatment was a reduction in heartburn. I have had heartburn for several years and chewed a lot of over the counter antacid medication. I thought I might have acid reflux disease. A about a month of adjustments, I began to notice a decrease in heartburn. The subluxation in my middle back was pinching the nerves that led to my stomach. Now, I rarely have a problem with it. I knew about the benefit of Chiropractic for back pain but was pleasantly surprised about how it could help with other problems such as heartburn.

Patient: Scott

I am a 45 year Mother of two boys, and I have had some extreme discomfort in my lower back for about 10 years. Our family moved here to the Northwest about 8 years ago and since then I have had some real trying times. My back would go out about every 3 months or so, I even ended up in the hospital for a stay of about 5 days (all they did was give me pain meds) when I was getting my kids ready for school one day I bent down and could not get up, I could not move my lower end. After getting out of the hospital I started getting massages every two weeks which made a big difference, I didn’t have the problem of my back going out but I still have this extreme pain in my lower back that I just could not get away from. My massage therapist suggested that I go see Dr. Metcalf, and I thought what the heck, why not. By now I also had this pain between my shoulder blades that was preventing me of taking deep breaths. Well, I had the x-rays, and all and Dr. Metcalf told me he could help, (I was a little skeptical) since I had spoken to a back Doctor back in 1999 and he said he would have to fuse my back since I had herniated and bulging disc. Well, after he explained what they would do, I said no thanks. So, I decided to see what Dr. Metcalf could do, I went in for my 1st visit and Dr. Metcalf adjusted my lower back and that extreme pain went away, I thought to myself, cool, but let’s see if he can fix the other one between my shoulders. Dr. Metcalf worked on the middle part of my back and adjusted there as well. To my surprise, both the pains had gone away, I remember thinking to myself, I wonder when they will come back. Well, it is now the end of May 2003 and neither one have come back, I can walk for miles, sit, stand and I feel great. I am so thankful for all that Dr. Metcalf has done. If I hadn’t experienced this myself, I wouldn’t have believed that I could feel so good!!! THANK YOU DR. METCALF AND STAFF.

Patient: Corinne

About 2 years ago I was suffering from a hyperthyroid condition. I was too weak to work and my pulse raced constantly. Conventional therapy recommended radioactive iodine to kill my thyroid gland. I also had acid reflux and carpel tunnel syndrome. After learning from Dr. Metcalf how misalignment can cause health problems, I decided to postpone radical treatment and give Chiropractic a try. My thyroid condition has now been in total remission for 1 year without medication. Carpel tunnel syndrome is completely gone and I only have acid reflux occasionally. I credit my recovery to Dr. Metcalf’s adjustments and am very happy that he set up practice here in the Valley.

Patient: Ericka

When we began care at The Metcalf Chiropractic Health Center we were suffering physical, financial, and emotional trauma. We were all sick and very low on energy. Once treatment began, my seven year old daughter who suffered from chronic headaches immediately felt better. My five year old son who suffered from chronic ear and sinus infections and was sick all the time immediately showed improvement. My husband’s migraines and chronic back pain was better and he was able to work without pain again. My energy level and chronic fatigue got better and I was able to take care of all the things at home financially that had fallen by the way side. I could focus again! I could go on and on about how things have improved in our lives on all levels through our care at The Metcalf Chiropractic Health Center but it would take pages. He even gave me relief with my flexortendonitis as my shoulder and arm was tingling and falling asleep. Dr. Metcalf treats each person as a whole. I have gone to Chiropractors for years and felt some relief but never had seen such improvements on all levels and had never seen such improvement in my kids and husband! As a family we function so much better. My kids ask frequently when we can go see him; he has made such an impact on our family. My kids truly trust and believe in Chiropractic care and they love Dr. Metcalf as a person. Me and my husband think he is pretty great too!

Patient: The Escure Family

SUCCESS!! My wife mentioned to me about three months ago that she was going to visit the Metcalf Chiropractor Health Center for a consultation on whether they could improve her aching body. Dr. Metcalf explained how he thought that they could help her immensely in becoming healthy again. After her first visit, she also made an appointment for me to have x-rays and my first consultation session. She made this appointment knowing that I did not favor going to a Chiropractor, since I had a bad experience approximately 40 years ago. She convinced me that there was no strings attached. I explained to Dr. Metcalf during our first meeting that I did not care for Chiropractors due to what had happened many years ago. He proceeded to explain to me during the second appointment that he thought that he could help me regain control of my neck problem. For many years I've been unable to turn my head in either direction without turning my body also. In addition to this problem, my right arm had been going numb every once in a while and I was experiencing terrific headaches, the type that actually knocks you to the floor. I was convinced that Dr. Metcalf could help me after the second visit. I have been going to appointments for two or three times each week for the past four weeks and what a difference it has made. I can now turn my head in either direction and actually almost touch my shoulders with very little discomfort. The most amazing part of these treatments has been that since the night before my first session, I have not had one of those awful headaches. What a relief to know that I can look forward to life without being knocked to the ground with a headache. The numbness in my right arm has basically disappeared. It did reoccur for a weekend, but was due to some tractor work and continually turning my head for several hours. After the next session, the numbness disappeared and has not returned. As I mentioned earlier, I was a skeptic concerning Chiropractic help for my body. I amt he first one to admit I was wrong, and this is just after one month's treatments. I am now a believer in the process that Dr. Metcalf uses and would recommend his health center to anyone. I feel that the problems I had been experiencing and not getting help from the normal medical community, are now almost behind me. By keeping in touch with the health center and my body, I look forward to many years of good health. Congratulations Dr. Metcalf, you've made a believer out of an old skeptic. You have a patient for the rest of my life. Thank you for helping me regain my senses.

Patient: Harvey

I was beginning to think that I was going to have to live with the pain. For years I had experienced lower back pain, and then I had unexplained shots of pain in my right rib cage, which would literally bring me to my knees, not to mention not being able to turn my head without turning my shoulders and upper body as well. I went to my regular Doctor’s office and was told to take Aleve to help with the pain and discomfort, which it did, temporarily. As time went on my symptoms and pain increased. I was having to adjust my daily activities depending on what was “flaring up” that day. My neck, mid back or lower back or all of the above. At times, I could barely get up out of a chair without assistance, I was miserable and so was my family, it was preventing me not only from doing simple household tasks; it was preventing me from family activities as well. One day, it was too much to bear, I called Dr. Metcalf’s office (note, I had never been to a Chiropractor before and had been skeptical about seeing one, but I was desperate!) in tears and they had me come in right away. That was 5 months ago. Dr. Metcalf took x-rays and found the problems. 5 months ago it would have been very hard for me to believe I could have made this much progress! It still amazes me how accurate Dr. Metcalf has been in his diagnosis and his treatments. My life is so much better, living without the pain!! My family and I give our appreciation and thanks to Dr. Metcalf.

Patient: Jackie

I first visited Metcalf Chiropractic in August with pressure in my left knee and stiffness in my right hip.  The pain was beginning to interfere with my routine – I skipped Zumba classes and opted for the elliptical instead of the hitting the trail in fear of making my knee worse.

When I met with Dr. Metcalf, he was warm and positive. I could tell that he cared about my situation and was confident that he could help. 

After my first adjustment with Dr. Metcalf, the discomfort in my knee went away. I also gained more mobility in my right hip after a few visits as well as experienced improvements in my overall flexibility.

As I’ve continued care with Dr. Metcalf, I experienced some unexpected positive changes. I haven’t been sick – I mean I haven’t been sick at all. I usually get sick once around in the fall. Fall came and went and I feel great.  My tolerance of food allergies has improved as well. 
Since being a patient of Dr. Metcalf’s, I’ve become a firm believer in the value of spinal care and chiropractic as natural approaches to health and wellness.
Patient: Lauren

I exercise daily, run, basically for my sanity and it is something I enjoy. About a year and a half ago I started having nagging pain in my left calf. To the point it literally caused me to stop running, really exercising at all. I did what any normal person did and went to the Sports medicine doctor, or so I thought. I went through a series of tests, MRI’s, CT scans.  I wore the dreaded boot for nearly 13 weeks. After, I began a minimal beginners workout regimen to get me going, per the doctors instructions. I follow it to a T….I began seeing a Physical Therapist as well, following all instructions.  All I wanted was to be able to run again. Guess what….the pain was still there. At this point, I didn’t care. I was just going to run through it. I have never been a person who takes medicine.
Fast forward to November 2014.  I had signed up for this race, Ultra Ragnar SoCal in April 2015 (33.5 miles). The pain was still there, same spot. I decided as a “last ditch effort” to try chiropractic. I never believed in chiropractors.  In fact, I remember my first visit telling Dr. Metcalf I called chiropractors “crackerjack doctors”. I think he thought I was kidding.
At my first visit, they took x-rays and set up a next day appointment to review my x-rays. I went into my next day appointment still thinking this is going to be the biggest money waster ever. I truly listened to Dr. Metcalf’s treatment plan for me and thought, “what the heck, might as well try it.” He put me on a 12 week plan to health. I signed up. My first adjustment was that night. I had the best night’s sleep ever that night. Odd thing was, I never thought I had a problem with sleeping. I continued my treatment plan exactly the way Dr. Metcalf advised me to until week twelve. I have now signed up for monthly care as a direct result of my life changing so positively and not only in my running due to the work and time Dr. Metcalf has put into my care.
On April 10th 2015, I ran the Ultra Ragnar 2015 with the most awesome group of ladies and I owe it all to the care, time, and true chiropractor knowledge Dr. Metcalf has for not only me but each individual he sees. It is amazing what life throws at you when you aren’t ready, and don’t believe. I realized my “last ditch effort” proved to be the best decision I have ever made. I am a true advocate to the health that Dr. Metcalf provides and refer anyone to trust their care into his hands. It has changed my life.

Thank you so much to your team,
Patient: Mariah J.

Yesterday I came to Metcalf Chiropractic in severe pain. I was unable to walk up the stairs without help and assistance. I went to my family doctor and told them I had severe hip pain, and I didn’t know what was going on. X-rays came back fine, no arthritis or any degeneration. I didn’t know what was wrong with me! I put myself in Dr. Metcalf’s hands, he was able to adjust me, and I feel like I’ve been healed. I can walk up the stairs without any pain. Instantaneously I was without pain, and feeling great. The adjustments have helped. Feeling better every day.
Throughout my care, I’ve gained more strength and I’m sleeping better, and I’m looking forward to more adjustments. I’m feeling wonderful!

Patient: Alana M.

Okay now look, Dr. Metcalf is one of the greatest. A couple of years ago I was working in my yard, and my back got to hurting so bad that my wife had to get someone to help carry me upstairs. She even had to pick my legs up and put them in bed. She made me an appointment with a spine place, and the doctor prescribed me some anti-inflammatory medicine and muscle relaxant. She didn’t even tell me that a pinched nerve was probably causing those muscles to be inflamed. It went along and I took the medicine and the pain pills helped but it never got to when there wasn’t a throb and ache in my back.
I have a daughter who thoroughly believes in chiropractors. As I kept complaining, she kept trying to get me to go to the chiropractor but I was reluctant. Finally she came over one day and I was hurting so bad that I couldn’t move. She said “Let me call Dr. Metcalf, will you go?” And I said “Yeah but I’m gonna have to go in my pajama bottoms, I can’t change.” She says, “It doesn’t matter. I just want you to go.”
So I go to Dr. Metcalf for the exam, come back the next day to get an adjustment. Even the next day I was still in pain where I could barely walk, every step I could take it felt like someone was stabbing a knife in my back. When he got done with the second adjustment, the pain went from a 10 to a 2 or 3. Next couple adjustments it went down to a 1. The last couple of weeks, there’s basically 0 pain. I now truly believe in chiropractors, and more than believing in chiropractors, I believe in Dr. Metcalf.

Patient: Allen R.

I’d been in extreme pain and had two back surgeries. I started coming here about a month and a half ago. This morning, I woke up for the first time in seven years without back pain thanks to Dr. Metcalf.
Patient: Carmen M.

When I first came in I was in incredible pain and I could hardly walk. I couldn’t sit, stand, or lay down, and I couldn’t keep up with my little boy. Chiropractic has made a huge difference, and I wouldn’t be where I am without my regular adjustments. Thank you Dr. Metcalf!
Patient: Chriss B.

I’m 63 years old and I feel like I’m about 30 now that I’ve been coming to Dr. Metcalf. Thanks so much for letting me do what I really want to do outside!
Patient: Darlene L.

I’ve seen Dr. Metcalf five times now and I’ve noticed plenty of great changes. I came here for my energy level, arthritis, and breathing. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in all three areas. I’m very excited to keep going and see how much better everything gets. Thank you Dr. Metcalf.
Patient: Josh S.

When I first came in, I could hardly move, I could barely sit. Now I feel like a totally different person. I feel uplifted. My allergies, headaches, and sleep have totally improved thanks to Dr. Metcalf.
Patient: Karen H.

I came to Dr. Metcalf because I was in really bad shape, unable to think clearly, and in a lot of pain. Mentally where I was at, by 3PM I was ready to take a nap! I couldn’t function, I couldn’t cope with anything. I just wanted to lay down, close my eyes, and relax my head, and it still didn’t work! I was still foggy. I needed clarity in my mind and body.  
I’ve had three adjustments so far and it’s changed my life completely. I’m so happy I met him. I’ve got a clear mind, my muscles are sore but my back isn’t in pain. That’s a life changing experience for me. I had gained a lot of weight and now I’m losing it, and it’s really cool. Thank you Dr. Metcalf.
Patient: Kathy R.

I came here because I had severe lower back pain. Through the exam, I found out that my shoulder surgery had caused my whole body to be offset, and I have a lifetime of injuries I’ve never really addressed. Through chiropractic, I was able to rectify most of the pain in my body within just twelve weeks. I’ve been taken very good care of, and because of the expert chiropractic care I have moved very far forward and away from the pain. My body functions so much better, my pain from the shoulder surgery is almost completely gone, and I’m very happy. I’ve very active, a heavy equipment mechanic, and I use my body to the maximum all the time. The minute I got to use my 20 lb sledgehammer again, I feel like chiropractic saved my life. Thank you Dr. Metcalf.
Patient: Matthew N.

I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant, and I started seeing him 2 weeks into my pregnancy with severe daily pain. Chiropractic has helped me tremendously. I sleep better, exercising is easier, and I’m able to move my body better – not just as a woman, but especially being pregnant. I had a lot of questions lately about going to the chiropractor while pregnant. I’d love to encourage it to everybody who has any questions. It’s such a great, natural way to get some relief during your pregnancy. Thank you Dr. Metcalf.
Patient: Megan M.

Well, I’m smiling now! But it’s been the second week since I’ve been in severe pain, and last week I got rid of it because Dr. Metcalf knew exactly where to go on my spine. I wouldn’t go to anybody else because I know he can help me. I was in so much pain, I walked in here and I couldn’t straighten up. Once Dr. Metcalf adjusted me, it was such a relief! I went home and I mopped my kitchen floor, I took my dog for a walk which I couldn’t do before, and now I feel great. God bless you Dr. Metcalf.
Patient: Sharon O.

I came to see Dr. Metcalf cause I’ve been trying other things to fix my shoulder – I have pains in my shoulder whenever I try to pull or use strength, which is part of my every day job. I went to physical therapy and I wasn’t pleased with that. After only four weeks of being here, I can’t believe the difference. It’s totally rejuvenated me. I’ve got more strength and energy, I walk different, my shoulders are back rather than slumped over, and it’s only been a short while. I want to thank Dr. Metcalf for bringing me back.
Patient: Vern N.

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